Three Men, One Park, Nothing To Do... “The Park and Other Things”

Investors are the lifeblood of the film industry. Filmmaking is expensive and at Invision Productions we understand the value of our investors dollars. That’s why we will not raise money on any screenplay that doesn’t have a chance at success. We thoroughly test screenplays before one dollar is raised. After a script is approved, actors are hired and a table reading is taped and studied to see how well the screenplay reads. Only after it passes our high standards, does a script get green-lighted for fundraising. It is our goal to invest money wisely so that the rewards of our investors can be great.


If you are looking to advertise your product in a film, feel free to contact us. Product placement can be a great and effective way to build brand awareness without the viewer feeling they are being sold a product. Invision Productions and the director will aim to ensure that you receive “high value for money or donation of product” as long as product placement isn’t intrusive or distracting to the integrity of the story. You may also receive an end credit listing of company name with website address. In some cases we may even seek out a company for product placement where the product in question is central to the story.


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Set in modern-day suburbia, “The Park and Other Things” is the story of three lifelong friends with too much time on their hands: KEVIN, a former mixed martial arts fighter who is finding himself going backwards into a life of sex, drinking and a mediocre job teaching kids at a boxing gym; GUY, an underweight, insecure, book smart but not street smart, grocery store clerk; and JAKE, an overweight, unemployed pothead in his early 30's who still lives with his mother.

The bulk of their days are spent at their beloved local park hanging out with the park’s resident homeless man, RANDY, playing games and other activities such as badminton and launching renegade water balloons. But one day, SARAH , a beautiful young physician, comes jogging through the park, spinning KEVIN’S life around and forcing him to re-examine his playboy lifestyle.

Life for all three is complicated by RICHARD, the town law officer, who finds pleasure in making everyone’s life a living hell. This is made even more complex by the fact that RICHARD is dating KATHERINE, the love of GUY’S life. A colorful cast of supporting characters rounds out this quirky and unique story.

“The Park and Other Things” follows three childhood friend’s earnest and often unconventional attempts to better their lives and the hilarious misadventures that occur along the way.

Spending time in the park has never been more fun.